$35.00 for the first 1-hour minimum  (Free Mileage during 2019)
$35.00 for each additional hour or portion thereof 

$13.00 Surcharge for before business hours {business hours begin at 8:00am}

$13.00 Surcharge for after business hours{business hours end at 5:30pm}

$13.00 Surcharge for weekends {special request with notice}

$13.00 Surcharge for traveling out of your area {i.e. Ft. Worth to Saginaw or Dallas}

$48.00 for most Airport runs

$240 for Daily rate (8 consecutive hours) $40 discount


*V. A. Discount Reimbursement 

*Disability Parking Placard

NOTE: I Do Not accept Medicare / Medicaid.

As a convenience to you, we offer the following payment options.


Rates For Services